Static, one way websites are being replaced by two-way forums to communicate, sell products, promote brands and link up with customers and the consuming public.

Simply posting several pages of sales copy with professional photographs and some glitzy Flash just doesn’t do it anymore.

Go to where your customers, clients and prospects are going: Social Media sites and venues.

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Plugging In to Social Media

You probably already use Social Media as do your clients. Market IQ will inject your company, products and message into the same forums and then help develop a strategy on how best to cultivate leads, promote and interact.

Managing Social Media

Skillful management includes listening, talking and monitoring. While it is important to engage friends and introduce yourself to strangers and prospects on a daily basis, you must also encourage new, favorable discussions and meet criticism and scurrilous comments head-on.

Identify opportunities, niches, and revenue streams

Current and potential clients and customers frequent Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the blogosphere.

Do you sell travel and tour packages?

Your core customer is on Twitter or Facebook sharing travel experiences and trip planning advice. Some may even be complaining about servies provided by your company. Unless you are there, you will never know.

Are you a realtor?

Your professional reputation can be built up or broken down in Social Media. As well, interested and motivated buyers and sellers discuss up-coming property purchases and transactions. You need to be there, involve yourself in the discussions, let these relevant parties know of your expertise and experience.

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Foodies abound in the blogosphere, Facebook and on Twitter. Better to get in front of and among the chattering masses than to discover a couple disgruntled customers (or agents employed by competitors) dragging your good name and reputation through the mud.

Are you an entrepreneur selling a car care product?

Hundreds of thousands of auto enthusiasts fill discussion forums on Facebook. Plug into their discussions.

Social Media convergence

Unless your business recognizes and embraces the potential of Social Media, you risk being ravaged or forgotten in this dynamic Web2 realm. The only correct response is to engage prospects and clients within the numerous Social Media forums they frequent, involve your business in the discussions and control favorable and not-so-favorable chatter and then cultivate leads.