Ninety percent of purchasers do not go past page one of search results on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
If your business is not on page one of Google, you lose sales. If your website isn't in the top 10 for essential product and service search terms, why have a website at all?

Optimize and be found by customers

Search engines Google, Yahoo! And Bing index billions of web pages. These search engines work to index, sort, and store information relevant to users through the use of œspider programs. Search engine spiders œcrawl the Internet, looking for websites with the most useful, relevant information. The search engines gauge how appropriate a website is to the keyword phrase entered based on criteria that change frequently. Websites and web pages are then ranked.

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Relevant content, properly structured

Users access these enormous search engine indexes when they search for information by typing in œkeywords or œkeyword phrases.

Your company's website requires Search Engine Optimization to rank high. SEO is a process that researches and implements keywords and key phrases on your website; your website's coding and text involve search engine optimization to rank your site. You also require many inbound links from other relevant, popular websites.

In the world of top search engine rankings, Search Engine Optimization and site popularity are essential as the search engines appear to be placing ever-greater emphasis on a site's in-bound links when awarding page rank.

Organic Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay Per Click Advertising

Your company can achieve high page rankings œorganically or through œpay-per-click , also known as PPC advertising.

Organic rankings are achieved over time through careful Search Engine Optimization, updates, and linking strategies.

Page one rankings can be quickly achieved through a PPC program. With a pay-per-click program, your company bids on a keyword phrase. Bid the correct amount, and your company appears on page one in the œsponsored listings. Market IQ offers PPC management programs to place your company on page one for specific keyword terms.

Honest & ethical SEO business services

SEO Victoria BC firm Market IQ provides ethical, honest search engine optimization services. Working hard on behalf of clients, a lot of energy and time is invested in learning clients' needs and wants, knowing what their business does and who they are targeting, and then researching the best keywords and key phrases to optimize with.