Next to your current clientele, sales leads are your company's most important asset. Properly qualified and cultivated, sales leads represent your company's future growth and profits.

With Victoria Email Marketing you can maintain contact with current clients, promote specials, provide company news and updates and generate even more referrals and leads.

Distribution is as frequent as you want and content can be a simple advertising or promotional blast or a multi-story, multi-promotion newsletter - the choice is yours.

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Keep your customers close and your sales leads closer

  • Is your company capturing the contact information of all potential customers?
  • Is your company qualifying sales leads?
  • Once you have built a database of sales leads, does your business have a strategy to keep these potential customers interested and up-to-date?
  • What is your strategy to generate client referrals from current, happy clients?
  • Is new product launches, promotions and company news going unnoticed?

Custom design, uniquely powerful

Market IQ develops a custom newsletter template, complete with your company's images, colour scheme and branding. After a thoughtful, creative and insightful interview and copy writing process, Market IQ, sets your Newsletter IQ goals and then produces the newsletter content.

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Newsletter Marketing: targeted distribution, effective tracking

Provide Market IQ your list of email contacts to populate your Email and Enewsletter recipient database. Market IQ will handle all subscribe and unsubscribe requests. You will receive accurate and insightful open, subscribe, unsubscribe and 'click through' statistics and hot leads lists. All data and information generated will help you better refine your marketing, advertising and product and service development efforts.