Victoria Pay Per Click management will put you on page one of Google and Bing in 24 hours

Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing pay per click advertising programs are intensive, comprehensive and committed to delivering page one to clients in the most cost effective manner possible.

Fact: Every business must market their products and services to online customers.

Fact: Online customers utilize Google, Yahoo! and MSN to find businesses, products and services.

Fact: Your business, products and services must be found on page one of Google and the other major search engines.

Fact: If your business is not on page one, customers are not going to find you.

Fact: If your business is not on page one, potential customers will spend their money elsewhere – most likely with competing businesses already on page one.

Fact: Market IQ’s pay per click management service will place your business, products and services on page one of Google. Potential customers will find your company, your services and your products.

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PPC: Competitive analysis, targeted results

Market IQ PPC Management employs competitive analysis and keyword research and on-going, aggressive monitoring and bidding strategies to ensure clients are not over bidding, that clients are not targets of click fraud, and that clients are on page one of Google and the other major search engines.

Market IQ president Lyle Jenish was one of the first – and remains one of the few – search engine marketing professionals in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island to be certified under Google Adwords Pay Per Click Management program. Lyle passed the Google Advertising Professionals exam in 2008 and met other requirements in order to achieve this level of recognition, including proving to Google the ability to manage a Google Adwords Pay Per Click program effectively.

If you are currently using a traditional media buyer to manage your PPC account, ask them what credentials or experience they have that make them qualified to manage your PPC account.

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Market IQ PPC offers more than simple bidding and tracking. In order to increase your web traffic/click through rates (CTR) and conversions, Market IQ examines the architecture of your website and utilizes leading Search Marketing Management processes to make every clients’ Pay Per Click Advertising campaign a success.

Unless specific landing pages are in place and targeted PPC ad copy for each desired search term is properly written, you are throwing your Pay Per Click Advertising money away.

Is your current PPC Management program being properly administered? Market IQ will tell you.
Market IQ PPC Management: Get inside customers’ heads

Don't throw your money away bidding on non-specific, non-relevant key words and phrases

Market IQ digs deep, increasing Google Adwords Pay Per Click conversion rates and enhancing visitor’s experience and generating a greater return on your Pay Per Click Advertising investment.

Market IQ PPC management researches not only your company, but also your industry. Market IQ’s Search Marketing Management process includes a competitive analysis report that examines what other industry players and your competitors are doing. Only after this research process are relevant PPC search terms proposed, a budget and bidding strategy developed and then Google Adwords campaign deployed.

Market IQ will determine the best possible daily, weekly and monthly budget for each ad group. Properly managing a pay per click account is time consuming and can be very expensive with little return.

Market IQ provides expert PPC Management services that ensure budgets stay in line and customers arrive.