Google Pay Per Click and Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter will put your company, goods and services in front of a lot of customers in a very short period of time.

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However, for a completely different take on Pay Per Click, consider Facebook Pay Per Click

Facebook PPC offers exceptionally targeted demographic advertising opportunities

If you have a Facebook account – like many millions of other people – you know the in-depth questioning and profile information required to set up an account. Facebook has access to this demographic information and user preference data and uses it to build and cross reference and target audiences. As well, Facebook users share their demographic information and common interests when they join groups. After consultation and research to learn about your business, customers and industry, Market IQ will set up an Facebook PPC Management strategy that will target the right demographics. Filtering expertise means your Facebook Pay Per Click advertisements target a specific age, group, gender, interest, school, location, keyword or key phrase or almost any other possible demographic.

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Advertising accuracy & depth

Facebook demographics are far more accurate than most data available on the greater Internet. As well, choosing to market to a clearly defined group or demographic can be extremely cost-effective for certain advertisers.

Facebook Pay Per Click or other types of Pay Per Click: What’s better?

Pay-per-click ads are here to stay. Businesses require better targeted, better tracked and more effective advertising than is offered in traditional media. Purchasing a radio, newspaper, magazine or television advertisement is based on a wing-and-a-prayer: businesses have faith that the right prospects of the right quantity are actually viewing, consuming and then acting on the costly print advertising spot. However, no one can ever be certain. With Facebook Pay Per Click and other types of Pay Per Click advertising, analytics and metrics track response and the ideal audience and prospects are clearly defined and then targeted.

A common complaint from many business owners is that their advertising is not reaching the right audience. With the demographic information available, Facebook PPC ads are perfect for targeting and reaching the right audience. You can pick and choose the interests of those that you target with your ad. Your Facebook PPC ads will appear before audiences that already have shown an interest in your field of expertise, business or the product you sell.

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Power of Facebook PPC Management

  • Facebook pay per click demographics are more accurate than most data on the greater Internet (age, sex, interests, hobbies, job, relationship, etc.)
  • Deep data possibilities allow for marketing and advertising to employees of specific companies in specific industries within Facebook.
  • Keyword and key phrase associations Facebook users attach to their Facebook accounts can be related to their interests, purchasing habits, needs and wants
  • Dynamic tracking and monitoring within the Facebook site generates “approximate reach” numbers. These offer excellent insight into a target market size before an advertisement is even placed

Facebook PPC Management: Creativity is king

Effective advertisement and campaign creation requires creativity. Recognizing marketing and advertising opportunities requires consultation, teamwork and strong execution skills. The ability tap into this enormous consumer resource can launch a new or established firm into the stratosphere.